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Content Marketing represents roughly a quarter of all your traffic. In the online marketplace, the right content marketing team can push your sales from “just fine” to “exemplary”.

Google loves content, especially that which is unique, professional, sleek, and original. If your site is using the copy-paste formula, it isn't just bad for those listings, it's bad business. You may find yourself threatened with legal action by sites which you copy from... and nobody wants that kind of corporate reputation.

Instead, hiring the experts at the Orange digital Marketing Agency, provides you with content marketing near you, that brings invigorating new material into your pages. These pages can then be optimised for search engines, help you reach more keywords, and earn better backlinks within your firm.

Sound interesting? It should! If done correctly, content marketing can increase traffic by a whopping 20%, every day you add to your site. Like any job, content marketing correctly requires an expert – and who is more experienced than the Orange Digital Marketing team?

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