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Looking to stand out in a sea of competitors? You’re in the right place. Social media is a goldmine of opportunities. We’ll help you take full advantage of this lucrative concept by planning, building, and executing social media strategies that deliver. We’ll happily assist you in your social media marketing campaigns to improve brand awareness and make meaningful engagements and connections with your customers. Shoot us a text or an email to get started.

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Billion – Social media users as of January 2023 (Source: Datareportal)


Internet users use social media for brand research (Source: Oberlo)


Expect support from brands via social media (Source: Smartinsights)


Marketers use social media to increase brand awareness (Source: G2)

Popular websites for social media marketing


Boasting a user count of 2.29 billion active users daily, Facebook cannot be ignored when it comes to social media marketing. A well-set-up Facebook page helps improve brand awareness and generates traffic to your website.


Instagram, the fifth most-visited website in the world, can be a great way to market your brand with the right strategy. The favorite platform for influencers comes with a multitude of ways to promote your brand.


The popular video-sharing platform, YouTube, has over 2.6 billion users as of 2023. With the right strategies, your brand can get maximum exposure when advertised on YouTube.


Social Media Strategy Development

Every marketing campaign needs a strategy. Orange Digital Marketing will devise an effective plan that covers all facets of social media marketing, irrespective of platform. From researching audiences and competitors to creating content based on the platform to community engagement, our social media experts don’t leave anything out.

Content Creation:

Content creation is complicated, as there are lots of nuances involved. We offer assistance not just in planning a strategy but also in creating content. Whether it’s writing informative blogs, developing attractive graphics, recording well-planned video stories, or drafting testimonials, our experts create engaging content that reaches your target audience and gains the best results.

What the Best Social Media Marketing Agency in Chennai has to Offer

Orange Digital Marketing helps you create successful social media campaigns. Being one of the best social media marketing companies in Chennai, our professionals will make effective plans to improve brand awareness and website traffic and devise new strategies for better customer engagement. More than 3.5 billion people use social media, and among them lies your target customer base. Social media websites act as a bridge between brands and customers. The ever-increasing number of platforms makes social media marketing a vital aspect of any business.

Social media marketing is an excellent lead generation tool to take your brand to the next level. With several years of experience working with various businesses and brands, Orange Digital Marketing has all the necessary resources and expertise to make your business succeed on social media.

Be it a 1-year-old startup that’s looking for exposure or a small clinic that wants to compete with other healthcare providers, the campaigns our social media marketing team has undertaken have delivered in every possible scenario.

Social Media Management

You need a keen eye and excellent judgment to manage an organization’s social media handle. Our specialists will take care of your brand’s social media handle, scheduling posts, interacting with customers, and generating periodic reports on posts and campaign performance.

Social Media Advertising

Everyone’s online most of the time. Use this to your advantage by partnering with us to plan an advertising strategy. Get more exposure by executing well-planned campaigns that encourage customer interaction, generate leads, drive traffic to your website, and ultimately improve brand awareness.


The growth of social media has been tremendous and unexpected

And it doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. Businesses that stick with marketing methods that do not involve social media will be at a massive disadvantage compared to those with social media handles. Social media marketing is not just about generating leads and sales. It’s about customer engagement, showing them that you, as a brand, care for them, their user experience, and their opinions. Want to promote your brand but don’t know where to start? Let’s connect!

Frequently asked questions

Nothing’s wrong with them. Traditional marketing techniques are expensive, and monitoring metrics is difficult. Social media marketing is comparatively cheap, and its metrics can be easily monitored.

Running campaigns on different social media platforms helps improve brand awareness, encourage customer interaction, boost website traffic, and build reputation.

The answer depends on your needs. Different websites have different techniques and requirements when it comes to advertisements. Instead of stressing over the technicalities, you could just ask us, a social media marketing company in Chennai, to do the hard work while your brand reaps the benefits.

Traffic, conversions, and revenue. Traffic is the number of visitors to your website. Conversions are the rate at which these visitors turn into customers. And revenue is how much you make from these customers.

It does look easy initially, but the deeper you go, the more difficult it gets. Social media marketing isn’t just about making a few posts and waiting for likes. You’ll have to research the times when most users are online. You’ll need to know what’s currently trending. You have to see what your competitor is doing.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. You need a social media marketing agency like Orange Digital Marketing to handle your profiles, make meaningful interactions, maintain your reputation, and carry out effective campaigns to promote your brand.

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