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Want a marketing plan that gets you quick results? That too, without taking shortcuts or facing Google’s wrath? Pay-per-click (PPC) marketing is for you. PPC is an excellent way to display your ads at the top of the search engine rankings. Our well- researched PPC campaigns don’t just promise immediate results; they offer a better ROI as well.

Orange Digital Marketing has helped countless brands with their PPC campaigns, increasing brand awareness and generating traffic.

PPC Campaigns


200% - Average ROI on PPC ads (Source: Techjury)


Marketers agree that PPC is beneficial (Source: Bloomberg)


Better conversion rate than organic data (Source: Moz)


People click on Google ads (Source: Search Engine Land)

Unique Benefits of PPC - (Pay Per Click Ads)

Super-fast Results

No more waiting for organic traffic and leads. With the PPC campaign that we plan for your brand, results appear almost immediately. Great for product launches and a hike in website traffic.

Targeted Campaigns

PPC campaigns are great at focusing on a particular group of potential customers based on their gender, age, location, search patterns, online activities, and preferred platforms.

Multi-Channel Campaigns

Google is not the only platform for PPC ads. Popular websites like Instagram, Facebook, Bing, and LinkedIn offer excellent opportunities to market your product based on your objectives and target audience.


PPC Management

Free yourself from all the hassles of PPC management. We’ll take care of keyword research, channel strategy, campaign launch, A/B testing, monitoring, and just about everything else you can think of. While you focus on your business, Orange Digital Marketing will handle all aspects of your PPC campaigns.

A/B Testing

Orange Digital Marketing conducts aggressive A/B testing (split testing) to find out the best version of your PPC ad that delivers results. We look into different factors that affect the performance of a PPC ad, like ad graphics, layout, image, and call-to-action (CTA) script.

The Benefits of PPC Marketing Service for Your Brand

PPC is a digital marketing strategy that enhances your conversions and increases your ROI. At Orange Digital Marketing, we offer a data-driven PPC marketing service that builds better opportunities by connecting your brand with customers and enhancing your profitability. From specialist support in key advertising areas to high-quality SEO support and even ongoing assistance for your ads, we offer all-in-one solutions for effective PPC ads. If your business isn't reaching the right people, allow Orange Digital Marketing to help you by providing the best PPC advertising services to achieve your goals and boost leads.

PPC also has unique, small-business-friendly advantages. Suppose you are a dentist who has a small clinic, and your competitor is a corporate healthcare provider. A well-devised PPC campaign highlighting your pros allows you to directly compete with your competitor and bring in more patients.

Remarketing Planning

Someone showed interest in your product/service but didn’t make a purchase? Remarketing can help. We’ll assist you in planning the perfect remarketing strategy that prioritizes past customers or those who belong to your target customer group.

Landing Page Optimization

People who have clicked on an ad need to be convinced to make a purchase. This is possible with our landing page optimization service. We concentrate on important page elements like SEO optimization, page design, themes, content prioritization, effective CTA triggers, and persuasive text to create a business-friendly design.

PPC Services

Want to enhance your business with a PPC campaign?

A pay-per-click campaign is a valid strategy that is great at not only targeted marketing but also producing quick results. A well-planned PPC campaign doesn’t just increase leads, it also improves brand presence across platforms and channels.

Frequently asked questions

More often than you think. Since your ads appear above organic results, people are more likely to click on them. With the right PPC ad, you can market your products directly to your target customer base.

That’s because they have a strategized PPC plan in place, and you don’t. With Orange Digital Marketing’s PPC Marketing Service, you get a well-researched PPC ad enriched with catchy content and the right keywords.

A number of factors come into play with regard to the cost of PPC ads. The cost of keywords varies depending on the niche. The time of year the PPC ad is displayed, like festive and national holidays, also contributes to the overall budget of a pay-per-click campaign.

Your ads will appear in major search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Your ads will also be displayed on third-party and social media websites.

That’s up to you. You can redirect customers to buy your products, make them call your business, subscribe to your newsletter, or download your app.

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