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Any business, big or small, runs the risk of stagnation if you don’t focus on online reputation. Poor-quality products/services, a badmouthing competitor, and negative reviews by the same person from multiple accounts can be detrimental to your business. How do you tackle this? By consulting a reputation management agency.

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Online Reputation Management
Orange Digital Marketing offers premium online reputation management services customized to your organization’s needs. We’ll make sure your brand maintains a clean image, winning the trust of your target audience.


Business owners agree that online reputation is essential (Source: Forbes)


People refuse to buy from businesses with negative reviews (Source: invesp)


Reject offers from companies with a bad reputation (Source: Inc)


Customer reviews required to nullify one bad review (Source: Inc)

Signs that you need a reputation management agency

You’re losing customers

A few bad reviews are all a brand needs to get a negative reputation. And nothing pushes people away from brands like negative reviews.

You’re losing money

Your customers think poorly of you, and it’s reflected in your sales. People don’t want to buy from brands with a bad reputation.

Competitors are better

People generally lean towards brand B if brand A’s products are unsatisfactory. On a similar note, if people prefer to buy competitors’ products over yours, then you probably have a reputation problem.

Online Reputaion management service

Brand Analysis

You need to know what the general opinion of your brand is before diving into campaign planning. Our brand analysis service conducts a thorough investigation of your brand and your competitors. With this data, it becomes easier to plan an online reputation management (ORM) strategy and track down sources of maligning content against your brand.

ORM Strategy Planning

It’s important to understand your expectations before diving into ORM. Once that is done, Orange Digital Marketing performs a comprehensive analysis of the type of feedback your business receives. This analysis spans all your social media handles and other places like forums and discussion boards where your brand is mentioned.

Why Should a Business Owner Opt for an Online Reputation Management Agency?

Because we are the experts when it comes to online reputation management. A skilled agency will handle all aspects of ORM and produce visible results. Orange Digital Marketing strives to protect your brand’s online reputation and improve its trustworthiness. We also offer effective solutions to handle misinformation campaigns against your brand.

In addition to more sales, positive press has another massive advantage. Your product/service will be part of daily conversations among happy customers. Not just in daily conversations, customers start recommending your product in discussion forums and message boards. recommending your product in discussion forums and message boards.

Here’s a table with a direct comparison of a business with and without ORM.

Without ORM With ORM
Lower customer engagement Customers’ queries and complaints are promptly answered
Damaged brand reputation Better reputation
Lower sales More revenue
Poor search engine rankings Improved rankings in search results
Loss of trust Customers prefer to shop from the same brand multiple times

For example, ORM is essential for those in the healthcare profession, as false claims and poor reviews may lead to the closure of their establishment. In times like this, a well-planned campaign could not only reverse the damage done but also create a positive reputation for the involved party.

Branding management

Along with trolls, competitors and disgruntled former employees may also make efforts to ruin a brand’s reputation. With Orange Digital Marketing, you can build an authoritative brand voice that efficiently tackles all unpleasant elements. We’ll also help you maintain your brand voice across multiple social media channels.

Review Monitoring

The quicker a brand responds to reviews, the more people trust it. Business owners don’t have the time to monitor review sites and social media regularly, looking for user opinions. That’s why the experts at Orange Digital Marketing will be on the lookout for reviews, whether they’re good or bad, and take the appropriate action.

Online Reputation management

Online reputation management is an important part of any organization.

Monitoring reviews helps brands find areas where they could improve and stop misinformation campaigns. When you have Orange Digital Marketing, an agency that offers the best reputation management services, handle your ORM campaigns, your brand will have everything that’s essential to prove its reliability and authoritativeness.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, of course. It is the main reason why brands prioritize responding to tweets or social media posts that are critical of their products. Since posts like this can spread like wildfire, it is important to keep criticism in check.

Without ORM, a customer searches for a product using its name. With ORM, a customer searches for a product along with your brand name. This not only helps generate more sales but also gives off the idea that your brand is more reliable than your competitor’s.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to ORM. The time for results to appear may vary from a few weeks to a few months.

Having positive brand awareness on the internet makes customers recommend your brand on social media and in day-to-day conversations. This contributes to better sales and better customer relationships.

Orange Digital Marketing is one of the leading online reputation management companies in Chennai. Our team comprises industry experts with years of experience in managing and fixing a brand’s online reputation, which in turn helps to build long-lasting client-customer relationships.

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