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You’re missing out on new patients if your clinic doesn’t use digital marketing Ever wondered why your competitor has more patients than you? This is the exact question our client Dermecure had.

They got the answer once they partnered with us. With Orange Digital Marketing’s research-driven SEO strategies, Dermecure reached the top of the Google results for all relevant searches.

They started receiving more than 7 enquiry calls per day, and their brand awareness doubled. This is something that your clinic can achieve too. With a well-planned SEO strategy in place, you too can rank higher in the search results, increase website traffic, generate leads, and do lots more. Give us a call, and let’s get started.

Case Studies - What we did in the past

Client: Dermecure

Description: Our client Dermecure, a skin care clinic, has achieved the top ranking on Google for the keyword "skin cure clinic," thanks to the expert SEO services of Orange Digital Marketing. Our efforts have helped drive increased visibility and potential customers to their website.

Num Keywords Google Rank Position
1 Skin cure clinic 1st page - 1st place
2 Acne treatment in Chennai 1st page - 3rd place
3 Hair fall treatment in Chennai 1st page - 6th place
4 Skin Specialist in Chennai 1st page - 7th place
5 Acne scar treatment in Chennai 1st page - 10th place

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