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What Separates the Best SEO Company in Chennai from the Rest?

Bala Adalarasan

The internet has revolutionised the way people do things. Everything is now a simple Google search away. Good advice or bad advice, it doesn’t matter. You can find just about everything you search for on the internet.

So, you input some search term, and a bunch of pages pop up. But have you ever wondered why those specific websites appear? And also, why do some websites appear at the top, some at the bottom, and some on the second page? All this happens due to SEO.

SEO, otherwise known as for Search Engine Optimisation, is an abbreviation digital marketers live and breathe for. The top SEO companies in Chennai strive to outwit one another, doing everything in their power to push their website to the top, or specifically, among the top three spots.

But what’s the big fuss about SEO? Well, SEO has tons of benefits that, when done right, does a world of good for companies. The advantages of SEO are mentioned below.

1. SEO is Free: SEO doesn’t cost a dime, unless you’re leaning towards methods like Pay-Per-Click or grey- or black-hat techniques. You only need to dedicate time to creating content, reviewing metrics, and looking at your competitors from time to time. Search engines are up 24/7 and will push original, useful content when someone searches for the relevant keywords.

2. SEO Improves Reach: Most marketing techniques target a specific group of people. This is unlike SEO, which can bring in people from just about anywhere, irrespective of where they are in the sales funnel.

3. SEO Gives Quantifiable Results: The ability to monitor every aspect of SEO is what makes it special. There are lots of tools available, both free and paid, that allow you to track metrics like,

a. Rankings
b. Conversions
c. Website Traffic
d. User Interaction
e. Pages Visited and more

4. SEO Enhances User Engagement: Search engines aren’t going to push just any website to the top. It must be SEO-optimised and have content that the user is searching for. SEO directs users to websites that contain what they’re looking for. Users tend to stay longer on SEO-optimised websites, increasing the chance of conversions, engagement, and long-term revenue.

5. SEO Boosts Credibility: Search engines have a responsibility to show only useful, relevant content to users. This is why websites that rank higher are considered trustworthy. And websites that rank at the top are SEO-optimised.

The advantages mentioned are just the tip of the iceberg. Any company, big or small, will benefit from SEO. But here’s the catch: SEO requires effort and time. Lots of it.

And someone running a business may not have the required expertise to run campaigns, understand metrics, and make the necessary changes

In times like this, the best option is to consult an SEO company in Chennai.

You may not be comfortable with outsourcing; but the fact is, handing over your SEO strategy to an agency is the best decision you can make

Why is that?

As said earlier, most companies/brands lack the expertise required. Sure, you may hire a digital marketing team; but that is going to be expensive. Not just that, it’s going to take a while for results to appear. Then there’s attrition. Reasons like this only help your competitors.

Hiring an agency that offers SEO service in Chennai is a pretty serious task. This is mainly because of the number of options available in the market. You can find three or five-member companies that market themselves as the best SEO company in Chennai.

So, how do you filter out the fluff? That is exactly what this blog is all about. We’ll list out some of the top factors that distinguish ethical, result-driven agencies from the money-mined, quick-results ones.

The Features of a Top SEO Company in Chennai

Now that you’ve finally decided to hop on the outsourcing bandwagon, it’s time to find out how you can choose an SEO company in Chennai that meets your requirements.

Check Out their Website and Portfolio

Websites are the face of a brand. A good website promotes a brand, while a poor, buggy one drives people away. This is why it is essential to visit the potential SEO agency’s website to learn more about them.

Don’t just scroll through. Take the time to visit each page. Look for page-loading speeds. If the website is slow and has dead links, odds are that your business will receive a similar one.

While you’re on their website, look for whitepapers or case studies. These provide comprehensive information on the challenges that their clients faced, the agency’s strategy to tackle the challenges, and the results of the strategy. This gives you a clear picture of the agency’s success rate with past clients.

If an agency calls itself the best SEO agency in Chennai but doesn’t have any trace of dealing with past clients, leave the website immediately and don’t look back.


SEO doesn’t have any secret ingredients. Everything related to SEO is out there. The difficult part is learning it all.

When you are in talks with an SEO company in Chennai, ask questions; lots of questions. Not just regarding the process but also about any doubts you may have regarding SEO. An ethical SEO company will be happy to answer any questions their clients throw at them.

This includes questions related to results as well. SEO takes time, whether you like it or not. Asking questions related to results gives you the opportunity to find out what kind of techniques the agency uses.

For instance, if an SEO company in Chennai is promising you quick results in a suspiciously short time, odds are they’re using black hat techniques. Proceedings with this agency can have serious consequences for your website and, ultimately, your business.

  • If you’re not sure what questions to ask, here are some to get you started.

    • •What SEO strategies do you use for your clients?
    • •What are the tools you use to achieve results?
    • •What is the pricing model of your agency?
    • •How long do I have to wait to see the results?
    • •How are you going to report your progress?
    • •Can I see your previous work?
    • •How will I fare against my competitor?
    • •Are you sure that your strategies will work for my company?
    • •Who will be my point of contact at your agency?
    • •What is my role in the project?

    Plan a Visit

      SEO is not a one-person job.
    It is the combined effort of multiple people. And these people are spread across specialties.

    Before finalising on a company that offers SEO service in Chennai, make sure to visit their office in person. If they work on a fully remote basis, arrange a video conference with the heads of each department.

    But why is this essential?

    The lack of specialists or a team can spell doom for your website. There are two reasons why it may happen.

    One, the agency is new, and, as a result, they’re still in the hiring process. You’re gambling with such agencies because you have no idea whether they can meet your requirements.

    Two, the agency is going to outsource your project. There are plenty of freelancers on sites like Fiverr and Upwork who work dirt cheap. The agency will simply hand over your project to one or many of them. This means the people communicating with you aren’t the ones working on your project. This eventually leads to incorrect interpretations of things and trouble for your website and your business. 

    The Budget

    The budget is an important factor when choosing an SEO agency. You can’t simply type “SEO agency near me” and decide to hire the first company that appears in the results.

    You need to have a budget in place for the goals you have set. The cost of SEO packages varies depending on how aggressive you want your campaigns to be.

    If the agency has mentioned packages on their website, inquire about them, especially the ones that fall within your budget.

    Avoid cheaping out on SEO, as low-budget SEO agencies tend to follow unethical practises to produce results.


    In general, there are two types of digital marketing agencies. The full-service digital marketing company and the single-channel digital marketing agency.

    Full-service digital marketing companies take care of all aspects of digital marketing. On the other hand, single-channel digital marketing agencies focus on just one aspect of digital marketing.

    Each type of digital marketing agency mentioned has its own set of pros and cons. You can either go with an agency that offers just SEO service in Chennai or with an agency where SEO is one of the many services they offer.

    Whatever you choose, you have to make sure that the agency has the right specialists for the job. SEO has lots of smaller components and is usually a team effort. The agency you’re planning to hire must have dedicated specialists for each part of the job.

    As mentioned earlier, don’t hesitate to ask questions. Ask who will be writing the content and who will be conducting the keyword research. Information like this tells whether the agency that markets itself as the best SEO agency in Chennai can walk the talk.

    Now that you know how to choose an SEO agency in Chennai, here are some red flags to watch out for. You may notice some of these red flags the moment you visit their website or when discussing your project with them.

    Red Flag 1: Guaranteeing Results

    No agency can get you to the top of the rankings in a week or so. Beware of agencies that make such promises.
    SEO is a trial-and-error process. Extensive research goes behind the use of each component. Not just that, marketers monitor each process to make periodic changes. 

    Red Flag 2: Ignores On-Page Optimisation

    Yes, off-page SEO is important, but so is On-Page SEO. An SEO company in Chennai skipping on on-page SEO is a red flag. Elements like keyword-optimised content, relevant images with the appropriate title tags, and faster loading times all contribute to a website’s rankings.

    Red Flag 3: Cheap Plans

    Inexpensive plans sound good on paper. But have you given any thought to why the plans are inexpensive?
    A few agencies that provide SEO service in Chennai promote cheap plans. You can bet that these agencies are either using black-hat SEO techniques or are probably ripping you off.

    Red Flag 4: You Cannot Find Them on the Internet

    The top SEO companies in Chennai have their own websites that are optimised with relevant, informative content and easily accessible call-to-action elements.

    Not just that, companies also leave behind reviews on Google and other websites on the quality of services they received from an SEO agency.

    Unable to find any reviews or their website is a red flag. If the agency cannot rank themselves higher in the results, how do you expect them to rank your website.

    Red Flag 5: Duplicated Content

    Here’s a quick test.

    Visit the website of the SEO company in Chennai you’re planning to hire. Copy any block of content, preferably from the About Us page or Mission page, and run it through Google.

    If you find the same content on other websites, the SEO agency you’ve chosen is probably copying content from other websites. This is a massive red flag.

    Final Thoughts

    The modern business environment is very different. Companies are trying to outsmart each other through every means possible. In such a cutthroat environment, it is essential to stay abreast of the latest marketing techniques to ensure you don’t fall behind.

    SEO is one such technique. When done right, SEO can do oodles of good for your business. But the right SEO strategies take lots of time and effort.

    Hiring the best SEO company in Chennai for your website’s needs takes a massive load off your shoulders. Their expertise in digital marketing will do wonders for your marketing campaigns.

    The points in this article will help those who are on the fence about jumping on the outsourcing bandwagon. With the right guidance and strategies, your business can smash those quarterly or annual objectives, get better ROIs, and ultimately, more sales.


Bala Adalarasan
Bala Adalarasan
Founder, CEO

Bala Adalarasan is the Founder and CEO of Orange Digital Marketing with 13 years of Experience in Digital Marketing. He keeps up with modern technology with every aspect of the agency's operations. Writing about legal issues, technology, healthcare, and digital marketing is his favorite form of writing.

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