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An Essential Checklist for Finding the Best SEO Experts in Chennai for Your Business

Bhargav Ravilla

Finding the Best SEO Experts in Chennai

As we all know, search engine optimisation (SEO) is an effective way to improve your business's online presence, get more leads, and increase your revenue. But you need a lot of experience and expertise to apply the right SEO strategies for your specific business requirements and goals.

That is one of the main reasons why it is important to hire an SEO expert for your business. But how do you find them? How would you know who can bring the best outcome and who can’t? How do you avoid wasting your money and time on unethical or ineffective SEO services?

This article helps you get the right answer to these questions. We have created a checklist to help you choose the best SEO experts in Chennai. Read on to learn what factors you must consider when hiring an SEO agency or consultant.

Determine Your Objectives and Desired Results

You need to have a clear idea of what you expect before you begin your hunt for an SEO services expert. Do you want to improve your website traffic, get leads, or raise brand awareness? Or do you want to rank higher for relevant keywords or topics? Is enhancing the user experience or technical performance of your website the priority at the moment? Or maybe you want to outperform your competitor.

It is important to have measurable and specific goals, which will allow you to discuss your needs and expectations with the SEO expert.

Look for their Expertise and Experience

SEO is a complex and broad field. Different agencies offer different services. Some of the more common ones include

      1. Competitor analysis
      2. Link building
      3. On-page and off-page optimisation
      4. Content marketing
      5. E-commerce SEO
      6. Voice SEO
      7. Local SEO
Some agencies, often called full-service agencies, will offer all types of SEO services.

It’s also recommended to check the level of experience of an expert in your niche and area before hiring them. A search term like “SEO expert near me” on Google will show you a list of SEO experts in your location. Location-based searches come in handy when you’re focusing on local SEO.

One way to check the expertise and experience of an SEO expert is by keeping an eye out for the following:

Case studies
Ask for references

Techniques Used

It’s wise to check the methods an SEO expert uses to achieve results. This is vital, as hiring the ones who use shady or black-hat techniques can be disastrous. They can get your website blocked or penalised by Google.

So, how do you spot them? During your discussion, stay alert for any mention of the following topics.

    • Auto-generated or duplicated content
    • Excessive use of high-ranking keywords (Keyword stuffing)
    • Stuffing keywords in hidden text
    • Paid/manipulative links
    • Negative SEO (A technique that attempts to get your competitor penalised)

    Scalability and Versatility

    When your business develops, you will have a greater need for SEO for your website. The best SEO experts provide the right, scalable services that can improve your business. They will be prepared to deal with any kind of workload and get the right resources to handle SEO campaigns.

    SEO is a digital marketing strategy that is integrated with other tactics such as pay-per-click (PPC), social media marketing, and content marketing. You should select an SEO expert who has experience working with all types of SEO techniques and tools. They will have an in-depth understanding of digital marketing techniques, and you can expect them to deliver outstanding results for your business.

    Transparent Reporting

    When choosing an SEO expert in Chennai, you should consider whether they maintain transparency in their reporting. Your SEO expert must give regular reports detailing the strategies implemented and their effects on the performance and improvement of your website.

    Additionally, they must also be available to discuss the reports clearly and answer any queries you may have.

    Pricing for an SEO Services Expert

    Pricing is a crucial thing that you should consider while hiring an SEO expert. Most small entrepreneurs may prefer to go with the cheapest option. But you have to keep in mind one thing: you get what you pay for.

    Generally, top-quality SEO services aren’t always available at the lowest price. But they can offer a good return on investment. You should compare the services and pricing offered by other SEO experts before making a decision.

    Watch Out for Red flags

    You should be aware of certain red flags when selecting an SEO expert or agency. Working with the wrong SEO expert or agency can cause you to waste plenty of time and money. Be cautious when you hear big promises like guaranteed rankings and ultra-low prices.

    If they don’t have any customer testimonials or portfolios, then you shouldn’t trust them. It is always better to hire an SEO expert who provides good quality services at a reasonable price and has proper client testimonials. These SEO experts will also have a portfolio that they’ll be happy to share. Some experts share their portfolios even before you ask. Things like this will help you learn about their professionalism and quality of work.

    Ask for an Estimate

    Before hiring an SEO expert in Chennai, it is important to make sure that they fit within your budget. There’s no point in conducting long discussions about the project only to find out later that they charge a bomb.

    This is why requesting an estimate is recommended. Some agencies display their prices on their websites. For some, you may have to ask what services are included in a package. Asking for an estimate also reduces the chances of surprise charges popping up later. 

    The Success Rate of SEO Experts in Chennai

    As someone who’s looking for SEO services, you may search for something like “SEO expert Chennai” to find an expert in the city. But finding it is only one part of the battle. You’ll need to find out the success rate of the SEO expert you’ve chosen.

    The success rate is a necessary thing that you should ask the SEO expert about. It shows you proof of their current and past work. References, work samples, and client feedback are also great ways to find out the success rate of an SEO expert.

    That aside, a skilled SEO expert will also be able to show SEO-relevant statistics before and after they take over the website. Look for instances of improved traffic, rankings, revenue, and conversions in relevant markets. These things will help you learn about their work effectiveness, skills, and results they have achieved. This, in turn, will help you find the best SEO expert who will be the right match for your business and help you reach your SEO goals easily.

    Consider their Communication Style

    Before working with an SEO expert, you should check whether they maintain consistent and open communication with you. Communication is important to running an SEO campaign successfully.

    Your SEO expert should keep you updated about your progress and results over emails, phone calls, or video calls. They should also be open to making suggestions about potential areas for development. An SEO services expert who’s responsive and open when it comes to communication is easy to work with. They will listen to your expectations and needs.

    They must also answer any questions you may have about the latest SEO trends, best practices, and challenges. Additionally, they must also be capable of explaining difficult SEO concepts in a clear way that you can understand easily. This is why it is always recommended to hire an SEO expert in Chennai who communicates effectively.

    Test their Skills and Experience

    Finally, you must test the skills and experience of an SEO expert before hiring them. You can test them by asking questions about current trends, practises, techniques, and tools in SEO. You can request that they do simple tasks or ask them to fix errors or technical issues on your website. Make sure to discuss the pricing before handing out tasks, as some SEO experts charge for sample tasks as well.

    A test will also help you understand the experts’ level of confidence and competence in handling the SEO tasks on your website.

    Final Thoughts

    You should consider all the points above when choosing an SEO expert for your business. It is important to remember that SEO is a long-term investment for your business, and you can’t expect results overnight. An SEO expert will remove all the guesswork and apply only effective strategies for your business.

    It is necessary to choose an SEO expert who you can work with and trust to accomplish your business goals. We hope this article will help you make the right decision.


    Bhargav Ravilla
    Bhargav Ravilla
    Senior SEO Analyst

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