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Why Healthcare Marketing is Important for Hospitals

Azahiya Nambirajan

Why Healthcare Marketing is Important for Hospitals

The healthcare field gains numerous benefits through new technologies and treatment methods for patients. Now, people have become more aware of medical treatment and medical options. According to the survey, 72% of the patients or well-wishers check online searches and explore before approaching the healthcare practitioner. This means the patients approach medical institutions based on top results shown on Google.

Studies have shown that 60-80% percent of patients use the internet to research health. Two-thirds of the claims that the online information has found are healthcare-related decisions. Around 66% of users are looking for online information about their medical condition.

This data shows that many people are using the internet marketing for healthcare information and continue in the future. This is why hospitals and healthcare centres should know about digital marketing. Healthcare digital marketing will help you to reach the 

• Wider audience 
• Improving patient engagement
• Building brand awareness

Healthcare marketing is defined as planned outreach and highlighting the medical services provided by hospitals that are appealing to the patients. It helps the patients to be involved in the health care system. Healthcare marketing is a vital element for the sustainable growth of hospitals. It will help to attract more new patients to the hospitals. Nowadays, the healthcare industry is changing, so there are various possible ways for healthcare practices in a given area to deliver unique or comparatively best healthcare treatments. Healthcare marketing demonstrates the to reach potential patients in an identical way to others to use it effectively.

Healthcare marketing is a way to promote public health development that appears to be similar to traditional marketing strategies with a science-based approach to defending and endorsing well-being. However, marketers used to research about the traditional methods that include

• Marketing research
• Product design
• Distribution
• Pricing
• Advertising
• Promotional sales
• Sales management

There are various healthcare options available for patients, such as a physician, clinics, etc. Marketing your health care treatments is a direct communication with the patients. It will build trust among the people.

However, there are various healthcare systems that are more appealing to patients today and obtain quality care for medical treatments in various channels, such as

• Website
• Social media pages
• Patient appointment

Technologies like
• Artificial intelligence
• Virtual reality
• Automation enhances marketing  

Which focuses on the patient experience.

In the last decade, there has been a massive shift in the healthcare industry. Technological advancements in the healthcare industry make access easy and improve the well-being of patients. On the other hand, there has been a massive rise in Telemedicine, which also includes

• Digital health platforms
• Digital media records
• Online appointment booking

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Why is Digital Marketing Needed for Healthcare?

If you are not aware of healthcare marketing, don’t worry. In this session, we will discuss why healthcare digital marketing is important. The importance of healthcare marketing is to develop and execute strategies that will engage and educate patients about medical treatments. It can be done in multiple ways.

• Digital marketing
• Website marketing

The most effective way of digital marketing for hospitals is the patient-centric approach. It means focusing on the health care of the patients and medical reports to know more about them. Through good medical care, it is easy to build trust among them. The healthcare industry is evolving today, and it is the duty of doctors to educate patients about medical treatments and how to handle them.

Healthcare marketing helps to increase the visibility of competitors on social media platforms. Healthcare marketing is important because it is an effective healthcare marketing strategy that will provide the ability to handle the patients in your locality.

Hospital Marketing

Hospital marketing is the strategic process of promoting and advertising the medical services and specialties offered by the hospital or medical institution. The goal of hospital marketing is to build brand awareness and attract potential patients to reach out to the hospital. It helps to build relationships with the patients and trust among them. There are various marketing strategies and channels, such as

• Digital advertising
• Social media marketing
• Content marketing
• Community outreach
• Public relations

These strategies help to engage patients and consistently increase the growth of the hospital.

Hospital marketing is apart from promoting medical services. It aims to promote the hospital brand and trust among the patients. Targeted hospital advertising helps to reach the target audience and attracts them to your medical needs.

Healthcare Digital Marketing Strategies.

Use Consistent Healthcare Branding.

Implementing digital marketing in healthcare helps to build a strong and recognizable brand for the hospital. It will help you in reducing the overall cost and increase the growth of ROI. Before branding, you should be aware of these things, which are

• Uniqueness of your healthcare business
• How you are treating the healthcare consumers

It may take some time to determine the works of your brand in healthcare marketing with consistent efforts, which is the best way to promote your brand.

Evaluating the Online Presence

Consumer engagement has become increasingly complex today, and the medical industry has evolved to virtual care needs like telehealth and remote monitoring. Customer engagement is necessary for your business and includes

• Value-added experience
• Easy access to information
• Timely appointments
• Effective communication with healthcare providers

Create a good patient experience and also analyze the patients who engage with your medical service in hospitals. Patients will try to interact with you on their own terms. Your medical marketing strategy is the key factor in engaging patients.

Run Paid Hospital Advertising Campaigns. 

If you want quicker results through advertising, then PPC campaigns will help to achieve it. Social media platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram offer advertisements. It helps to run campaigns to address more patients on your website and improve visibility. so you must need to approach any of the Advertising agencies that opt for your business.

• Following the advertisement policies
• Monitoring the budget

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization helps improve the traffic of a website or webpage through the help of search engines. This helps to enhance the search engine rankings on the search results page. If your page ranks higher, then it will increase the traffic to your website. It attracts more patients to your hospital. This is the key strategy of digital marketing for hospitals.

• Ranking keywords in the best position
• Multichannel content distribution
• Increasing the click-through rate

Video Marketing

Video marketing is an alternative method for the people to educate and build credibility for the hospitals. Doctors use video marketing to share tips related to medical conditions and help patients to handle critical situations. Otherwise, it may be educating the patients about the medical treatments and medical conditions. This also helps the doctors explain the medical services.

In simple terms, video marketing helps the healthcare industry become more 

• Approachable 
• Credible
• Reliable 

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing plays a vital role in digital marketing for hospitals. This helps to create short content that is easy to share and educate your target audience. In healthcare marketing, healthcare marketing agencies use different channels to promote their medical services. It is used to discuss the common.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing has become inevitable in recent times. It has become popular and necessary for businesses across all industries, including health care. Which helps hospitals reach and engage patients, which is 

• Personal
• Convenient
• Interactive

Mobile marketing helps healthcare organizations reach patients to educate them and promote medical services.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is the method of creating and sharing valuable content to educate and increase awareness. content marketing includes

• Blogs
• eBooks
• Podcasts
• Newsletters
• White papers
• Webinars

Content marketing helps doctors to engage with patients by providing valuable content related to medical conditions and treatments. Also, it helps the patients approach doctors for books, newsletters, and webinars to learn about their health conditions. On the other hand, content marketing helps to create awareness among people about medical conditions, and they share it among their social circle to educate others. For hospitals that use content marketing strategy for the long term, it will help to generate good leads for their hospitals.

Email Marketing

In email marketing, hospitals use websites to collect patient data and book appointments for them. Through email marketing, patients can make their appointments. On the other hand, it helps the hospital to share the 

• Appointment confirmations
• Medical reports
• Content related to medical conditions
• Email marketing 

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a popular trend for businesses in 2024. The brands are looking for people who are popular among people to sell their products and services. Because people expect authentication for the brands. Influencers have built their target audience based on the brand.

The influencers have new innovative strategies to sell your medical products or services. Also, influencers can educate your patients about medical services. On the other hand, these influencers have a niche audience to reach a person who is affected by certain medical conditions. So pairing up with the influencers can be an accessible and effective way to push your medical services, and their target audience can know about the medical treatments to your huge target audience.

Create Lead Buckets

 Nowadays, patients find it difficult to sign in to receive any information. Spammy messages in emails are increasing daily. You can create lead buckets of exchange, which is possible only through the potential patients. This will be beneficial for both the patient and the doctor to know more about them
This includes

• Free health consultation
• Invite to an event or workshop
• Research information before anyone else
• A dedicated or niche patient group
• An eBook or whitepaper to read

Increased Internal Marketing

Most of them focused on traditional marketing strategies, but they forgot about internal communication. According to Mckley Global Institute, productivity improves 20-25% in organizations where employees feel connected. According to a recent study by Nielsen, recommendations from patients remain the most credible form of advertising.

Backlink Building in SEO

Backlink building is an important healthcare marketing strategy that plays a vital role in increasing the

• Online visibility
• Search engine rankings
• Authority 

Backlinks are links from external websites that point back to your healthcare website. It builds credibility and indicates to the search engine, which makes the site reputable. This will help in achieving the 

• Search engine rankings
• Organized traffic
• Brand recognition

On the other hand, national clients are critical to developing and focusing on backlink-building campaigns to increase the domain and authority for competing with the larger websites and search results. Implementing the strategic building approach will help healthcare marketers build their online presence, which will strengthen their reputation and increase the number of patients who visit your hospital. However, it requires consistent practice to attract more patients to your medical facility.

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Analytics and Tracking in Healthcare Marketing Strategy

Focusing on the marketing campaigns and making sure to track the campaigns accurately
For good healthcare marketing, you should have data collection, which will be helpful in constantly improving the campaigns. Some of the tools for analyzing are Google Analytics, Google Search Console, etc. For monitoring each and every aspect of the campaigns then, marketing analytics is the only way to achieve this. Through this, you can improve your healthcare campaigns consistently and attract more patients to your hospitals.

Online Reputation Management

Online reputation management for healthcare businesses has a greater value apart from the healthcare marketing agency. It helps to establish and maintain your brand reputation for health care. Using online reputation management is a well-integrated part of the healthcare marketing strategy.

• Reviews and ratings of the brand
• Identifying industry-specific third-party mediums

Creating Content on Niche Community

Health care is personal unless it is affecting the particular person. However, other people don’t have much interest in reading the particular information. One of the most effective healthcare marketing strategies is focusing on the specific issue within the niche community. This can be done by Creating a landing page

• A printed checklist of symptoms 
• A short talk on condition management 
• Podcast about a specific medical condition

Testing in different mediums for niche communities, that is, if you can reach out to any one of the patient groups and areas. The content is relevant to the community, then they use the content and share it among themselves.

Engage with your Community.

Most healthcare facilities focus on serving niche or local communities, which is the best way to reach them and engage with them. You can contribute to them by 

• Sponsor events
• Participating in host or health fairs
• Educating the patients about healthcare
• Interact with local groups and grow a commune within healthcare

Organize Healthcare Webinars

Organizing the health care webinars is an indirect way of Health care marketing. Healthcare webinars help educate patients about healthcare and also allow you to be briefed about your treatments and facilities.

• Pick your target audience and choose a relevant topic
• Approach the doctors, researchers, and health care counsellors as the speakers. 
• Promote your webinars on various channels
• Facebook 
• Instagram
• YouTube

Post pole on social media platforms to know more about the patient's opinion that includes

• Include a Q&A session at the end
• Promote through email campaigns

Email campaigns are one of the key strategies for digital marketing in hospitals. It is a powerful way to deliver messages through hospital marketing.

• Sharing information about your medical services
• Send reminders for patient appointments
• Sharing healthcare tips

This process can be done efficiently with the help of market automation software. You can automate your campaigns and generate reports to know about the performance through software. Proceed with a proper list for the campaigns by communicating with them
Your email healthcare templates should include

• Engaging email body
• Good subject line
• Providing a clickable button at the end

HealthCare Marketing with Patient Engagement.

The aim of hospital marketing is not only to attract patients but also to engage them. However, the patient engagement plan will help to enhance the patient experience. Healthcare professionals focus on personal interaction to send reminders about appointments. Get patient feedback with the help of a survey or feedback forms to know how to improve medical services. Schedule the patient appointments and medical records through patient portals. Also, insist patients use the patient portals for the appointments. Some of the best channels for patient engagement are 

• WhatsApp
• Email

Patient Reviews

Include a referral program for the health care marketing strategy and an incentive to your patients to suggest your hospital to their family and friends. Also, you could provide a small discount for the patient's next health check. Online review is the place where people take it for validation. Maintaining a good online reputation is important to boost your online presence.

Get Referrals from Doctors

Your healthcare marketing plan should be based not only on the patient's needs but also on the doctors'. Refer your clinic within your locality and medical facilities to the patients and nearby clinics. It is one of the most effective healthcare marketing strategies, which requires consistent time and constant improvement that will help the growth of your hospitals.

Benefits of Hospital Marketing

Focusing on hospital marketing doesn’t give you instant results. But if you make continuous efforts, then it will increase the patient appointments and the growth of the hospital.

Increased Patient Acquisition

Raising awareness among the patients about the 

• Hospital services
• Specialties
• This will help in attracting more patients to your hospital.
• Enhanced brand awareness and reputation

Build your brand and strengthen your medical services to establish your hospital name. Constant improvement in the services and building your hospital’s reputation around your community.

Improved patient engagement and loyalty Healthcare marketing can be 

• Informative and valuable content
• Educate patients
• Provide the best personalized experience

This can gain loyalty and strengthen the patient-provider relationships. Targeted outreach Advertising about your medical services to the target audience and preferences of the patients that can engage them efficiently.

Strategic differentiation from competitors , One of the main aspects of hospital marketing is to edge over the competitors. Identify your

• Unique services
• Specialized expertise
• Cutting-edge technology
• Exceptional patient experiences

Understand your metrics and make effective campaigns from data-driven decisions to drive better results.

Tips for Hospital Marketing Campaigns

Evaluating the Return On Investment (ROI)

If you are running marketing campaigns, then be aware to measure it. There is no guarantee that the return on investment will always be positive. Then, check for the metrics and KPIs. Some of them are

• New patients acquired
• Conversion rates
• Engagement rate
• Revenue generated

Calculating the return on investment helps you in allocating resources efficiently. Identifying effective channels and tactics. Find out the marketing channels and practices that help engage and generate the desired outcomes. It can be ranked through 

• Metrics 
• Performance
• Website traffic- The number of people visiting your website
• Social media management- It depends on the likes, comments, etc
• Email open rates- The percentage of emails that have been delivered
• Campaign performance- should calculate the reach, engagement, and return on investment for the campaigns.

Depending upon the quality of the content, the patients will approach based on their needs. According to them, the patients will approach you.

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Analysing Patient Satisfaction and Feedback

Check your hospital reviews and survey feedback to know what the needs of the patients are and what they expect from you. Digital marketing for hospitals is quantitative data that offers valuable insights about the patient experience. Monitor these to improve more and address the feedback of the patients. Engaging the patients with good experiences will contribute to the growth of your hospital.
Continuous improvement and evolution.

Tracking the growth of your hospital among the competitors will help you to adopt and improve new strategies. Also 

• Analyse the data regularly 
• Identify the patterns

It will help to redefine and ensure you are ahead of the competitors. 

Healthcare Marketing Agency

Recently, the healthcare industry has seen a rapid shift in marketing strategies, which has changed the market. At present, healthcare marketing agencies have evolved about the healthcare systems and promote them in public. The health care agencies consistently find new strategies and combine them with their marketing strategy. These agencies are capable of providing the specific needs of health businesses to healthcare organizations. They know about the market trends and implement the strategies for the business in accordance with the industry regulations. 

Healthcare organizations have become aware of the importance of marketing and communicating with them to establish their brands using recent marketing trends. On the other hand, the healthcare business can benefit from the healthcare agencies' making use of healthcare marketing. 


Adopting one of the top digital marketing agencies for healthcare will help to reach a wider audience. Digital marketing is necessary for the healthcare industry, and it gives people easy access.

Patients and consumers can make use of well-organized medical services and medical treatments. It helps healthcare professionals research medical treatments and communicate with patients about the medical treatments. Healthcare marketing helps healthcare professionals gain the trust and credibility of patients.

Digital marketing for health care needs constant care in handling patients and good knowledge in curing patients. To maintain a good business, hospitals, and healthcare professionals seek the help of agencies for well-organized content and digital marketing to sustain the healthcare business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a healthcare marketing strategy?
A: Healthcare marketing comprises digital marketing and content marketing through various marketing channels, digital as well as offline, to reach the target audience.

Q: How is digital marketing used in health care?
A: At present, patients are digitally sophisticated. That is, health marketers have many channels to concentrate on digital marketing and content marketing. The recent digital marketing trends are

•Responsive and google friendly website
•SEO practices for webpages
•Including multi-media

Well-optimized content for your business will improve your online business through the help of a healthcare marketing strategy.

Q: What are the top healthcare marketing trends?
A: During 2020, healthcare marketing is all about informing the patients about the pandemic and providing medical care for the patients. In 2022, the growth has increased as the biggest trend is the large number of consumers turning towards the healthcare industry. Some of the healthcare marketing  trends are

•Patient media campaigns
•Creating authentic social media content
•Medical treatments and patient results

Q: What Is Healthcare Marketing?
A: Healthcare marketing agencies follow the patient-centric approach to handling patients. They use various sources, such as Websites, Social media advertising, SEO, Email marketing, Video marketing. To guide the patients and ensure good medical care for the patients.


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