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Top 20 Digital Marketing Tips for 2024 to Grow Your Business

Alekya Sri Gayathri D

In today Modern Advancements in technology has grown faster in the blooming of Digital World. If you want your business get more visibility in Search Engines, then Digital marketing plays the major Role and helps to competitive.  so we suggest Some of the top digital marketing tips to grow your business for 2024. Now its a time to dive into the concept:

Top 20 Digital Marketing Tips to Grow your Business for 2024 to Smash your Digital Marketing Goals. 

1. Website Responsiveness:

The First Digital Marketing Tips is Responsiveness. According to a study, nearly 92% of internet users use the internet via mobile phones, and the usage of mobile phones rose by nearly 25%. Whenever a developer creates a website, a major thumb rule is to make the website mobile-friendly. Responsive web design plays a vital role in digital marketing as well as in web development. A major reason users prefer mobile phones over computers is their portability. "Time flies when you are having fun," and that is all a user needs.

A responsive website also has the advantage of letting Google’s “Core-Web-Vitals” help them measure speed, visual stability, and responsiveness. These are the major players that improve the search engine ranking of our website on Google. In 2024, most users will find you on mobile devices, so keep in mind that mobile optimization is the gold mine. so that you will need the best Digital Marketing Agency to make it Possible.


 An average user spends nearly 53 seconds on a website. It makes sense, right? Who wants to spend their valuable time on a slow-loading website rather than having fun? Optimizing the user experience will let the user think that you're having some stuff, and it will also improve credibility. To put it simply, having a website that looks good and works well for users is important. Google rolled out some metrics called core web vitals, which help users measure website speed, visual stability, and responsiveness. 


Content plays a vital role in a website. Hence it is the best Digital marketing tips to get rank higher.  Basically, it's a deciding factor because you are not the only one who delivers the content the user asked for; if the user doesn't find your content helpful, they'll just leave. So having quality and rightful content is your primary goal.

Content writing and content marketing is important not only because it attracts and engages your audience; it is also important for other reasons too.

Good content will have a higher probability of being shared through their circle. Sharing is a great way to spread the word. So, if it is shared, your job is done. 
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In traditional marketing businesses, people have used television, print, or other forms of media to boost their brand recognition. However, the pandemic has affected everything, including traditional marketing. This Digital marketing tips has been the least affected compared to traditional marketing, and in fact, it has seen a slight improvement during the pandemic.

To increase ROI (return on investment), businesses are more focused on digital marketing strategies than traditional marketing strategies.

In this process, the business will get the advantage of more traffic on their website, and more traffic means more people will find you, which ultimately results in more potential sales and ROI in the long run.


A whole new approach will let businesses achieve optimization and streamlined methods.
Using these digital marketing tools and platforms in 2024 will let you achieve your business goals (if you aren’t already):

SEO optimization software:

Woo Rank: The Best SEO Software for User-Friendliness
SEMrush: The Best SEO Software for Power Users
Bright Local: The Best Software for Local SEO

Analytics and reporting software help you know exactly what kind of results you’re getting, so you will clear-cut your time and budget on the right things.
CRMs (Customer Relationship Management Systems): To keep your customers engaged and your sales and contacts well managed. 


One of the Best Digital Marketing Tips is to Automating your tasks can help you prioritize projects that have high priority, which lets you save time. Automation in the right area will result in the growth of our digital marketing strategy.

Here is a list of some of the areas to consider automating:

Automate marketing emails: It helps you schedule your marketing emails in advance for selected contacts. 

Automate Notifications: It is helpful in follow-ups when someone contacts you through an email.

Automate Social Media Posts: Advance Scheduling of All Social Media Posts on Different Platforms.

Automate Analytics Reporting: Use Google Analytics to analyse website traffic and your CRM to track consumer behaviour. These metrics play a vital role in observing the growth of your marketing activities.

Automate Lead Flow: If a user wants to download a resource, you can simply send them an email that allows them to download that resource. So that you can help them move down the funnel. 


Due to the rapid growth of social media in 2024, consumer engagement on social media platforms has increased significantly, driven by the popularity of image-based and video-based content. With the rise of platforms like Instagram Reels, there has been a notable shift in user behaviour, with searches for Reels spiking by over 54% according to Google Search Trends. This highlights the importance of incorporating engaging video content into your social media strategy, and leveraging tools like a reel maker can help you create captivating videos to stand out in the crowded digital landscape.

93% of marketers believes that the great way to educate buyers about the product/service they are selling is through interactive video marketing.
Consumers prefer interactive video content because it gives them freedom and friendzone to your brand.

Video based ads are the key factor of the credibility and traffic for your website. None of the digital marketing agency or digital marketer would disagree the term " Video marketing is more effective at generating leads than static posts" 

Adding interactive elements to your marketing videos will reach a wider audience.


Marketing campaigns need to target the local population by optimizing your local SEO through digital presence and also online presence.
Research on HubSpot shows that 72% of customers did a local search before visiting a shop within a 5-mile radius.
The Google My Business page, along with a strong backlink profile, will help boost search results.


Search engine optimization (SEO) is nothing but improving the quality and quantity of traffic to your website.
There are really three main aspects to SEO:

It improves the credibility of our website. Improving credibility will result in greater trust in your brand.
Increased brand awareness is one of the major benefits of using SEO.
It also helps them achieve a higher ROI (return on investment). 


Having insight into customer knowledge and their behavioural patterns will allow you to know about their respective markets. Finally Know your customer is the best digital marketing tips to target your right audience.

There are many tools to understand and measure your customers’ purchasing behaviours.

Creating the personas of customers will help you build your branding and marketing strategy.

On the other hand, behavioural monitoring and result monitoring using Google Trends will keep you on top of relevant topics. 


ACB (Account-Based Marketing) is a recent digital marketing strategy, and it is a personalized marketing strategy where key business accounts are marketed directly.
It is a type of marketing strategy where the key business accounts are marketed directly without an intermediary. Account-based marketing (ABM) strategies attract B2B marketers as well.

84% of specialists in the field of digital marketing have found account-based marketing to deliver higher returns than any other marketing approach, says Information Technology Services Marketing Association. 


You should engage with your consumers through messages that are personalized and relevant based on the data gathered from them.

Messages are personalized in the following ways, such as:

Demographic information that is collected in your CRM.
Web journey of the users.
Emails that are clicked.
Resources you've downloaded from them, etc.

Do you know personalized emails deliver six times higher transaction rates?
Due to the efforts of personalized strategies, businesses have acquired growth in content marketing. Businesses have seen improvements in their content marketing efforts due to personalization strategies.
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One of the Important digital marketing tips to perform higher is GMB. It is important for every local business or brand to get their Google My Business (GMB)If you are a local business or brand, getting your company on Google My Business (GMB) is of utmost importance.

Dealing with GMB is not a big deal, and setting up is also not a big deal. The great news is that you can set up GMB yourself (or hire an agency for GMB setup).

GMB is a free tool. GMS also lets you showcase your company's information, such as opening hours, the website of your business, the address of your business, and contact details. It lets you showcase information about your company on Google as well as Google Maps.

•       It also helps us to increase the visibility of your website. 
To increase the online presence
Listing on GMB will also have a great impact on local SEO.
It also helps with qualified lead generation. 


You're all set if you create your content like we mentioned above. 

Don't forget that your content must adapt to the trends in this evolving world. It is one of the ranking factor and important digital marketing tips that you should focus on. 

•       Updating the content of your website with up-to-date trends will let you build credibility and attract a wider audience, as well as a repeat audience.
•       Updating the content of your website regularly will help you address various issues.
•       Make sure that the old blog is reviewed and refreshed.
•       Enhanced readability will also play a key role in letting your audience stay on your website, and that is what matters.
•       Once you think that the advice does not hold true anymore, you can either trim or add more relevant information based on the priority of your audience. 


Engagement with your customers is all you need. You can achieve great engagement with your audience by updating your content on rising social media platforms.

Do you know? According to the latest report by the Advertising Standards Council of India (ASCI), 80 percent of social media users in India trust social media influencers, and it has great potential to cover a wider audience as well as the audience who has the ability to take money out of their pocket and spend it.

Influencer marketing has the great potential to increase brand awareness and drive more traffic to your website. 


It doesn't matter whether you are an industry-leading expert or an amateur. First impressions are all that matter when you want to build your brand strategically. First impressions pave the way for your company to succeed, and that is all you need.

Remember Your brand is more than just a logo, and studies show that 89 percent of shoppers stay loyal to brands they share similar values with.
and that's the reason why companies hire professionals to increase their brand value.

Branding helps you build trust and credibility among the users, and it also helps earn customers' loyalty and recognition of your brand. 


The major positive side of digital marketing tips is to tracking your expenses is that you will be able to get exact information about where you're spending your money, and it will also let you identify expenses that can be cut back on. For example, spending money on expensive products such as clothes, jewellery, and dining as well by seeing the amount of money you've spent in hotels, next time you'll prefer cooking food in-house over dining and save money. 

By controlling cash flow, you'll have the potential to spend money where it's needed and where it's not. It will give you the freedom to calculate your profit: revenue minus expenses. The major mistake for small businesses is that they don't usually or regularly track their business expenses, and they assume wrongly that their business is making a profit.


If you want to know what topic or keywords consumers in your industry are searching for? Don't worry, SEO tools and Google Analytics have got your back.
The data gathered from Google Analytics and SEO tools can be used to create blogs as well as resources.

Making valuable and quality content is your ultimate goal.

Instead of having the goal of selling your product, just focus on connection among humans, and that's the key. As a result, you'll gain credibility and consistency with the audience.

When a consumer visits your website, they'll usually look for instant solutions.
Who wants to spend hours searching for information? The pandemic made us all change behaviour without noticing that consumers are more towards online content than back then.

In 2024, there will be a few digital strategies and tools that will help you conveniently manage your sales team as well as consumers.
Keep these things in mind before diving in:

Chatbots: A chatbot is a tool that lets consumers solve their queries without spending much on an employee. With the help of chatbot analytics, business owners can analyse how the bot performs and the qualified leads generated. 

Appointment scheduling tools: Use appointment scheduling tools like Pick time, which is a free tool that allows you to schedule meetings for your business and makes you do your duty with ease.  By using these strategies, you can save money as well as time.


Everyone loves instant gratification. Instant gratification will give the good impression among the users 
Here are few self-service options that really works:

FAQ (FREQUENTLY ASKED ANSWERS): A quality FAQ has the great potential to attract customers and also convert them from a visitor to a consumer
It builds trust between the consumer and the brand Improves visibility in search engines.

Training videos: Training videos lets the user to have a clear-cut information about your website and proves them what is this website is all about Enhancing usability and also helps in improving interaction with the consumers, How-to videos let them think that you are transparent. Transparency is all they need from you. Odoo is a great example 


Hence this blog will help you to know about the Top 20 Digital marketing tips to grow your business and reach more customers. Follow these digital marketing tips will help you to compete with your competitors in the blooming market. If you want to execute all the tips is tough to manage your business, so you need the Best Digital Marketing Agencies to Execute all the Tips and Strategies to get your business in top of the search engines it will help to generate more revenue to your businesses.

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