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Top 10 Digital Marketing Agencies in Chennai

Times are changing, and so are the ways brands are marketed. In the early days of marketing, methods like billboards, flyers, cold calling, posters, printed ads, and other similar techniques were used. However, with the growing usage of the internet in everyone’s day-to-day lives, these methods are losing out to the modern ones.

We don’t mean to diss traditional marketing methods because some of them have been producing results by Digital Marketing Company and will continue to do so. But that is the one and only area that should never ignore by the marketer and entrepreneur.

Why Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing involves the use of the internet for brands to connect with their customers. Since everyone uses the internet these days, it wouldn’t be a very good idea not to consider digital marketing, especially if you’re a business owner.

Digital marketing is evolving. New techniques are continuously popping up, and so are new challenges. Despite these challenges, digital marketing has the edge over traditional marketing. The following reasons support the previous statement.

Extensive Reach

Do you have a smartphone? Well, you are now part of the target customer base. This extends to individuals across countries and continents as well. Digital marketing gives brands the freedom to promote their products/services across borders. You also have the option to limit your marketing campaign to a specific geographical location. The opportunities for business growth with digital marketing are endless.

Targeted Marketing

Digital marketing makes it possible to target specific areas for your campaigns. Since the internet is the medium digital marketing uses, anyone with an internet connection, irrespective of speed, falls under the target audience. 

And on top of that, digital marketing makes it possible to focus on a particular group. We are talking about nationalities, age brackets, people who eat a specific thing, people with similar sleep/exercise schedules, and more outrageous categories. This is impossible in traditional marketing.

Multiple Strategies

Because one size doesn’t fit all. You need to hone your marketing campaign based on the characteristics of the target audience. 

Focusing on a group that is eternally online with the attention span of a goldfish? Techniques like social media marketing and influencer marketing are your best friends. 

Not interested in all the hullabaloo and just want your company to gain some brand awareness? Search engine optimization (SEO) is what you’re looking for.

The point to consider here is that digital marketing opens a range of possibilities, no matter what your needs are.

Different Content for Different People

Different people have different attention spans and tastes. And digital marketing offers multiple content types based on the target audience. From super-short tweets and informative podcasts to eye-catching infographics and tediously long whitepapers, the ways to market a brand using digital marketing are endless.

Easy to Analyze

This is one area where digital marketing shines. It is easy to monitor metrics for marketing campaigns and make the necessary changes. This allows brands to know what works and what doesn’t, removing the hassle from future campaigns.

Cost Efficient

Campaigns that are well-planned and executed cost considerably less than traditional marketing methods. Well-planned here means campaigns that have complete information about the target audience, the type of expected content, means to trigger engagement, and other such metrics will cost less since digital marketing allows brands to choose only what’s needed and ignore the rest.

Now that you have a clear picture of why your business needs digital marketing, let’s discuss the advantages of hiring a digital marketing agency in Chennai.

Advantages of Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency

  • Digital marketing is difficult to implement without the right skills or resources. You could hire an internal team, train them, and wait for results. But they take time, and it would take a while for organizations to get their ROIs. Outsourcing, on the other hand, is convenient for organizations. The reasons are listed below.
Time & Cost Efficient

Hiring an entire team is a difficult and time-consuming process. This is mainly because of the different players involved in the process. Usually, a competitive digital marketing team consists of a digital marketing manager, a project manager, a graphic designer, a content writer, an SEO specialist, an e-mail marketing specialist, a front-end developer, a PPC manager, and a social media manager. 

The cost increases considerably if you are looking for experienced candidates. Outsourcing is convenient in this case, as most digital marketing companies in Chennai have these specialists in-house and will offer their services for a fraction of the cost of hiring and paying their wages.

No Dearth of Specialists

This is partly related to the previous advantage. You may think about hiring a few specialists based on your current project. Problems arise when a new campaign requires a different set of specialists. In a situation like this, most companies that do not outsource have no other option other than hiring new specialists based on the requirements. These companies aren’t positive about whether the new hires will be used for future campaigns.

This is not the case with outsourcing. Most digital marketing agencies have all the specialists needed for different campaigns. Meaning that if you ask them to handle a specific marketing campaign, they will allocate the required specialists. This gives companies the freedom to plan different types of campaigns without worrying about a lack of resources.

Different Perspectives

Internal teams strictly adhere to the guidelines laid out for them. Most times, this blocks their ability to see or think about projects from a different perspective. They may also make biased decisions, citing that this is what is usually done.

Outsourcing to a digital marketing agency eliminates this problem. Their specialists adapt according to the objectives and challenges as they are updated on the latest marketing trends. A digital marketing agency will offer fresh, creative input on how a product/service can be marketed, something that an internal team cannot provide.
You Can Focus on Your Business

As said before, you save a lot of time and money by hiring a digital marketing agency. You can redirect these resources to other parts of your business that need attention. While you focus on satisfying your customers, the specialists at the digital marketing agency will ensure your marketing objectives and KPIs are met.

What Type of Digital Marketing Agency Should I Choose? 

That’s a valid question. There are plenty of agencies offering digital marketing services in Chennai. Naturally, it becomes a hassle to choose the best. One important factor to consider before settling on a digital marketing agency is your requirements. What are you expecting from the agency? How much are you willing to spend? How soon are you expecting results?

Answering questions like this will help you choose the type of digital marketing agency from the list mentioned in this article. We have included reasons why you should and shouldn’t choose a particular type of digital marketing agency.

Full-Service Digital Marketing Agency
Agencies that identify themselves as full-service cover just about everything you can think of in digital marketing. They have specialists of every kind and will take on all types of projects. 

Why You Should Choose: Full-service digital marketing companies are great for businesses that are just starting to go digital. They offer a plethora of services, and you have multiple choices to choose from.

Why You Shouldn’t Choose: Cost. Full-service digital marketing companies often tend to be expensive, considering the number of services on offer. Small businesses may find it expensive. Full-service digital marketing agencies may not have technical depth as they focus on multiple aspects of digital marketing.

Single-Channel Marketing Agency 

As the name suggests, single-channel marketing agencies are made up of specialists in a specific field. Their services revolve around this specialist or group of specialists they have.

Why You Should Choose: Single-channel marketing agencies are exemplary in the services they offer. They know everything about their field and will solve just about any problem.

Why You Shouldn’t Choose: As digital marketing has multiple facets, you’ll have to consult a different agency if you’re looking for multiple services. This leads to increased costs and the possibility of misinterpreted communication. Managing multiple agencies is also a tedious task.

Multi-Channel Digital Marketing Agency

This one is similar to a full-service marketing agency. Multi-channel digital marketing agencies are experts in handling marketing campaigns across multiple channels. Their specialists have exceptional knowledge of the dos and don’ts of each marketing channel.

Why You Should Choose: Great choice for medium- to large-sized businesses. They have an ROI-based approach.

Why You Shouldn’t Choose: Multi-channel agencies can be fairly expensive, considering the number of specialists and tools involved. Their processes aren’t foolproof, and you may have to switch strategies midway.

Now that we have convinced you to consult a Digital Marketing Company in Chennai, let’s look at the top 10 digital marketing agencies the city has to offer.

Published on: 2023-11-14

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