“Hey! Do you have a minute to talk?”

“Yes, go ahead.”

 “My product is…blah, blah, are you interested in buying?”.

That was a dinosaur trying to sell the cool rock it found to its friend. Yes, traditional marketing is as old as dinosaurs, and just like dinosaurs, traditional marketing was also wiped off of the earth by a meteor; that meteor was Digital Marketing. 

It is highly likely that you already know what digital marketing is. Still, a brief explanation is obligatory. A simple description of digital marketing would be advertising/selling a product through online mediums like social media, search engines, etc.

According to reports, around 62.5% of the world's population uses the internet. That is a jaw-dropping number. Now what’s even more mind-blowing is that number is still increasing. This increase in internet users is why digital marketing is rapidly growing.

If a business is aspiring to grow in 2022, it must go digital. There are quite a few ways to advertise in online media. The most common types of digital marketing are:                                                        

Content Marketing

You would probably stop reading this blog if; the “content is king” quote appears. This quote appears in every single blog about content marketing. The truth is, it is unavoidable. The fact that you are seeing this quote everywhere proves the importance of content. Even though it was from 1996, it applies to this day.

Content can generate more traffic. Creating traffic is the first step to generating leads. After generating leads, the marketers should focus on nurturing them and converting them into paying customers. A friendly reminder, not all content will drive more traffic. Only good content can generate more traffic. Quality content will contain valuable information within.

Importance of Quality Content 

The purpose of digital marketing is to create leads that can be later converted into paying customers. It is essential to create quality content to convert the leads into customers.

In 2022, almost everyone is taking advantage of digital marketing. There are already millions and millions of contents available on the internet. So, you have to ask yourself, why would anyone see your content? And that is why it is crucial to create good content. Your content should stand out from the competition. The following list is some of the reasons why the quality of content is important:                  

Generate Traffic

I can feel your frustration when you read “Generate traffic” for the millionth time. But, honestly, it has to be said. The sole purpose of content marketing is to generate traffic. Converting the leads to customers is only possible if you generate traffic. Creating traffic is the most crucial aspect of marketing. The business should follow all the SEO strategies in creating content to rank better.

However, even with good content, it takes time to gain traffic. It is essential to create content consistently. Along with Consistency, it is vital to follow SEO strategies to generate traffic.

The Audience Will Stay Longer

Have You ever clicked on a Youtube video and got stuck watching the same creator for the next six hours? Every one of us would have experienced that scenario. Do you know why this happens? It’s because they created great content which appeals to the audience.

Not only on Youtube, but this also applies to all forms of content. If you create quality content, the audience will stay longer. In addition to staying longer, they may go to your other content pages. A person who is hooked up to your content will likely click on your CTA too. 

Better Leads

Remember, whatever it is you are trying to sell, your product is not for everyone. It is crucial to know your target audience. A person who is not interested in your product is never going to buy your product even with your exceptional marketing skills.

This is another reason why you need good content. Content makes it clear about your business. With content marketing, you can get rid of people that are not interested in your product. After that, all you have now is potential customers. This we can say better leads. These better leads can be easily nurtured into paying customers.

Better SERP Ranking

If an organization has to fist fight you to get a better SERP ranking, they will 100% fight you. Everyone knows how vital SERP ranking is. With a better SERP ranking, the business will get better exposure in the market.

Content can help you to get a better Google SERP ranking. And you guessed it right, the content should be of good quality. Quality content that follows the SEO rules can get you a better rank in Google SERP.

Better Relationship with Customers

Maintaining a good relationship with customers should be on the high priority list for any organization. There are reasons why Elon Musk, founder and CEO of SpaceX, constantly engages with his fans on Twitter. From the outside, it may seem like he is just memeing. But, in reality, every single one of his tweets is marketing.

By engaging with customers through content, an organization can build trust. Elon Musk gained a loyal fanbase just through Twitter. The same can be done by anyone who can produce creative and quality content.

Wrapping Up

Dinosaurs, meteor, traditional marketing, meteor, digital marketing, if you are confused with these terms, it means you didn’t read the blog. Kindly go back to the top. The people who can recognize these terms can continue. Content marketing can take an organization to the top if done correctly. Success doesn’t come easily to anyone. Content marketing needs effort. Put in the time to learn more about content marketing. With content marketing, you can reach heights you never dreamt of. Now, go create great content. Good Luck!

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