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7 Ways to Improve the Search Engine Ranking of a Website

Bala Adalarasan

Nowadays, websites are a primary requirement for a company. Most of the business happens online today. Even generating new leads is through online nowadays. Simply because of the user base.

The Internet has more than 5 billion users. So, obviously, businesses had to adopt the online platform because a business should be able to reach its customers in their comfort.

So, you need a website. But is it enough?

Just creating a generic website is not going to benefit you in any way. So, what should you do?

Create a website that ranks well in search engines.

Well, how do you do that?

There are some minor things you need to do to optimize your website in a way to achieve better ranking in the search engine pages. SEO strategies are not only for blog content or video content. It should be followed on your website.

Many Digital marketing companies are so focused on establishing themselves as a brand that they forget about their website.

Don’t make that mistake. Be sure to optimize your website too. Keep in mind the website you create must satisfy both the search engine and consumers.

You need to do a lot when developing your website. One of them is using a Linux platform to develop your website. Most will not follow this, but this is an important thing to follow because web development on a Linux platform is way more secure than doing it on a Windows platform.

Other than using Linux, there are some other things you need to do. I made a list of things you need to do to make your website SEO friendly.

Keep in mind the website you create must satisfy both the search engine and consumers.

Mobile Friendly

Most people are not looking at your website through a laptop or a computer. When you create a website, you will probably create it on a laptop. So, mostly you will optimize it for a laptop. If that’s what you did, I have some bad news for you.

Nowadays, people mostly see websites on their mobile devices. If the website looks crooked on mobile, they are not visiting you ever again.

You will be forgotten forever and buried with millions of other generic websites.

Make sure your website is easy to use on all platforms. Google crawler will like you if you make your website readable across various websites. So, automatically you will get a better ranking.


How many websites have you closed because they took too long to load? Too many to remember, right? And too long means near to three seconds.

Yes, three seconds is too long in the modern world.

People want your website to load within milliseconds, or else they are simply bouncing off to some other website.

So, make sure your website loads fast. It doesn’t matter if you follow all other SEO strategies. You will fail if you don’t follow this rule. In other words, no one will ever know your potential because of this.


Readability is a huge issue with many websites. Many websites will have some great content on them, but only god can read them.

The font you choose must be clear for the audience. When someone sees your website, they should be able to read the contents without any problem.

Would you squint your eyes to read the content on a website? No one will.

So, make sure the font style, font color, and background go well with each other. 

Just choosing a good font style won’t help you since the background can still make it unclear. So, make sure everything fits well.


This is for Googlebot. Of course, no doubts that Google can do its job well, but it's never a bad thing to lend a hand.

A sitemap is a collection of all your web pages and contents. You can create sitemaps either manually or using third-party apps.

A sitemap is like a guide for search engines. With the sitemap, search engines can easily find your site and index all the pages. If the search engine doesn’t find your website, no one ever will.

Image Filenames

You will probably have many images on your website. And you probably gave some random name to it.

That’s a mistake.

This is a very tiny thing but can the impact can be huge. You can name these files using keywords that will improve your SERPs ranking.

Also, add some descriptions to the images using keywords.

URL Structure

Again a minute thing that has a big impact. Googlebot will not like websites that have clumsy URL structures.

Even when forming URLs, you need to be careful. Try to use keywords in the URL too. And you should use a hyphen to separate the words, not underscores.

The URL you are creating should be readable by the user. And it should reflect the content of that particular page.


Metadata is the information that appears on the search results. Most SEO experts think that title tags are a very important aspect of SEO.

Metadata consists of title tags and meta descriptions. The meta description should be optimized in a way to welcome the consumer.

It also should reflect the content of the website. Meaning a person should be able to form an idea in their mind by seeing the meta description.

Final Thoughts

In the modern world, everyone is trying to be a brand. But a company with a poor website design is never going to make it big. Many businesses fail to optimize their website for SEO standards. You must capitalize on that.

Change your website design and make it more appealing to the readers.

Making it appealing to the audience is not enough if no one knows about your website. So, you need to optimize the website to rank better on the search engines.

I believe the aforementioned strategies are an effective way to optimize your website. And many SEO experts believe it too. So, if your site doesn’t follow these strategies, now is the right time.

"And yeah, don’t forget to use Linux too. As said, Linux is way more secure and easy to use for programming. Of course, SEO strategies are important but the structure of the website is also important. And in addition, the website should not lack security. No one likes a website that is prone to breaches."

Follow these strategies and be more visible to people. Good luck!


Bala Adalarasan
Bala Adalarasan
Founder, CEO

Bala Adalarasan is the Founder and CEO of Orange Digital Marketing with 13 years of Experience in Digital Marketing. He keeps up with modern technology with every aspect of the agency's operations. Writing about legal issues, technology, healthcare, and digital marketing is his favorite form of writing.

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